Ghazal (Rasta Gum-naam)

I wrote the first three shairs of this ghazal in my spring semester of 2017 over the span of many classes. Just a few days ago, I found the notebook in which I wrote these shairs, and I read them. I felt really happy until I realized I didn’t have the last shair for it to be complete.

So I left all other things that were going on in my life and set out to finding the perfect shair that would go along with the ghazal rules, be grammatically correct and would have a valuable message . It was a hard journey people (it took me ten minutes) but at last, finally, I did it. Continue reading “Ghazal (Rasta Gum-naam)”


The Bliss of Solitude…

“Are you coming to the field trip tomorrow?”


“Why not…?”

“It’s just that my best friend is mad at me and so she’s not going to the trip and if I go, she’ll get even more mad at me and besides, even if I go, I won’t have any friend to hang out with and have fun with and then I’ll just get bored and its gonna be the worst day ever… so I’m not going.”

You may have seen this scene unfold in front of you many times at school. I know I did…

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