Compact Reflection


Olivia Mary

Compact Reflection Still lifeYear: 2016
Size: 17″ x 21″
This is one of my favorite yet most challenging observations from life I have ever done. Composed entirely of chalk pastel, I think it took over a good 30 hours total to finish when all was said and done. The most challenging part of this piece was using chalk pastel because it is very hard to blend the colors just right. In fact, defining the hard and soft edges while avoiding smearing made for very delicate and detail oriented work. In short, what I really like about this piece is how I was able to convey the dimensions of the curtains and my hand. It’s not easy making something look three dimensional in chalk pastel, but I overcame that with patience and hard work. A side note: Using experience from my Shoe Still life, I incorporated the same values and shading I used in the background behind the shoes to create the fuchsia curtains for this still life.

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If  were to open a school sometime in future, THIS would be my logo…!


If you are wondering why I named this masterpiece ‘Shabana‘, I asked my sister for a name for this beauty. She gave me three options: Suzzie, Skull Biaji and Shabana. Suzzie was too angrezi for my taste. Skull Biaji was too eh. Shabana on the other hand… JUST PERFECT!!!

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