Fluffy Dog


Once upon a time… when I was 10 years old… i wrote this poem in my class… mainly because the teacher was boring me, and i had nothing better to do…

… so i wrote this poem…

… and I’m posting it here, because I have nothing else to post… (see the trend here?)
… and then, after years and years and years… i found it in my store… and there was only one thing that came into my mind…: ‘WOW, I was stupid!’

so I decided to show it to you… here you go…

A cute fluffy dog

Crossing by the road

Jumping over a cycle

Carrying a lot of load

All the people got to see

‘Have you got hurt?’

Nothing ever happened to him

But only got dirt

(Abeerah Biaji Mehreen)


*sniff* *sniff*… so DEEP… such a TOUCHING story…*sniff*…!



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