Dastaan-e-Raja Rani

 Hey people,

Have you ever heard of the legendary story of the even more legendary “RAJA RANI”? You must have, I bet. If you haven’t, wait not; simply go to your nearest Super Market or Grocery Store, buy Harpic, drink it, and die. (I hope that didn’t seem to harsh…)

Before you go and do just that, let me first tell you the story…

The legendary story starts with a king called RAJA and his queen called RANI. As soon as the story starts, it meets a tragic end, even worse than Hamlet… *sniff*… I’m so sorry, I apologize, but sadly, I absolutely can not bring myself to simply narrate the horrific end those two met, *sniff*… *long sniff* *wipes nose disgustingly* *deep sigh*… but I have to try, so here it is…

Screenshot (387).jpg

Sadly enough… never ever, once, in my childhood did anybody care to explain the cause of this tragedy.

Thankfully, I, Biaji the GREAT!, after a lot of research, data, analysis, calculations, and even digging through police records, have finally found out the cause of this. Me and my team came across this realization last year, but waited patiently for the right time. I feel like, now, when RAJA RANI need to be remembered the most, is the time that we should reveal the cause, so that the young people of our generation can learn a thing or two from this, and inspire the future generation to be better, responsible and loving human beings.

You see, it wasn’t always just the two of them. There was another unknown character that we had no idea of, and I am going to tell you who that is…

Hold your breath, ladies and gentlemen, because it is finally time…

(For you entertainment, my final result is written in the form of a nazam…)


So there you go, now you know the reason.

Yes, you are right…

It was indeed Raja, wrote the two versed story above. It was indeed he, who actually invented the concept of short story. It was he, who made us all realize the beauty of bhens, and its importance in our lives that we have actually forgotten, thanks to these worldly luxuries. He somehow knew his end somehow…

Munching teeth of an Indian Buffalo
This here, is the historical bhens. It continues to live a happy life with its fellow bhenses.

You know what they say…

At the end, what matters is the bhens…

*sniff* so deep…

Now, we shall observe a moment of silence, in the loving memory of Raja Rani, who have given up their lives millions of times, for kids and their stupid jokes…

Biaji the GREAT!


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