Fingers were crossed

As they waited and tossed

These grey carnations

Once red, but is lost


They don’t know why

It’s always like that

What once was colorful

Is white, black and dead


This thing you always do with your

Blood and looks don’t matter no more

It’s always what’s inside the pot that counts

Clay is better than gold, no wounds

What matters the most, is heart and aim

And now they’re living in red carnations again

(Abeerah Biaji Mehreen)


This was actually supposed to be a song, but I didn’t want to worry Beyoncé with any kind of competition, so I decided to not launch this as my lead single and win all the Grammys. I am such a humble person tho!

I don’t mean to brag or anything but my voice is like a ‘Mankind’s Angel’ and my heart is like a rose… (If you don’t get the reference, search it on YouTube. You’ll thank me later!)


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