If  were to open a school sometime in future, THIS would be my logo…!


If you are wondering why I named this masterpiece ‘Shabana‘, I asked my sister for a name for this beauty. She gave me three options: Suzzie, Skull Biaji and Shabana. Suzzie was too angrezi for my taste. Skull Biaji was too eh. Shabana on the other hand… JUST PERFECT!!!

I have tried to add a lot of things here, in this drawing, as metaphors. Let me tell you…

  1. The Skull represents Reality. The fact that every person on this earth, rich or poor, black or white, intelligent or just plain stupid, all are the same. They came from the same place, and are headed towards the same place too. Worrying about worldy things and taking pride in them is useless. All alone in the grave, what will matter is your deeds and only deeds.
  2. The Crown represents Leadership and Control. Everyone wants to control others, and that’s a natural desire. But the control that actually matters, and can actually bring a positive change in your life, is control over yourself. Try controlling your every move, every action, every thought and every word, and see the world change around you.
  3. The Wings represents Freedom. The kind of freedom that lets you live, love and try. The kind of freedom where you can fall down, stand back up, and there is no one to stop you from doing that. The kind of freedom where you have hope. The kind of freedom where you spread your wings, soar high up in the sky and find your way out, knowing that you are ready for whatever lies ahead. The kind of freedom that lets you live.
  4. The name on the ribbon at the bottom, that says BIAJI represents genuine, undiluted and 100% pure AWESOMENESS.

Biaji the GREAT!



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