“To read, or not to read… That is the Question!”


Please read, please read, please read… ahm ahm…

Hi there ya muggles,

This, here, is the prose section, which is basically the opposite of poetry, meaning that words are arranged in ways they are actually supposed to be, instead of being all jumbled up. (but they are cool too, so go check out the Poetry Page as well, *wink*)

Most of these things I’ve written here are written for a competition or project, because I hate writing if there is no deadline. Deadline Rocks!!! The rest of them are just a result of my bursting emotions, mostly concerning work, laziness and lack of time.

So go ahead, check out my essays, reviews, or stories, and I really hope you like them.

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Biaji the Great!

  1. The Forgetful Man (Alzheimer’s)
  2. When our Village used to be Healthy…
  3. Forty Rules of What?