“And miles to go before I sleep…”

-Robert Frost

Welcome, peasants,

Today is the glorious day you will finally be able to see, read and understand the true meaning of poetry by none other than ‘Queen Biaji the GREAT and AWESOME her majesty’ who shall be showering her royal blessings upon your idle existence with here high intellect and genius. Also, she would like to mention that she decided to adopt this name after a lot of requests by Abeerah Mehreen, who is a very, very VERY nice person.

(She OBVIOUSLY won’t call HERSELF that, cause that would be, like, so schewpid and weird, pssht…)

Okay, jokes apart, I seriously love writing poetry, in ENGLISH, and in URDU. I would have loved to write something in Martian or Jupitarian, but right now, I’m really hoping I can get through this semester without dying. Extra-terrestrial objectives later on!

So, please go on, read these poems. There are serious ones, that I have literally poured my heart and soul into, and then there are the funny ones, that are meant for humorous purposes only, unless you are a teacher, and want to include these literary masterpieces in your student’s curriculum, cause that would be so educational.

Along with that, you will also find a prose section, which is basically the opposite of poetry, meaning that words are arranged in ways they are actually supposed to be, instead of being all jumbled up.

Most of these things I’ve written here were written for a competition or project, because I hate writing if there is no deadline. Deadline Rocks!!! The rest of them are just a result of my bursting emotions, mostly concerning work, laziness and lack of time.

So go ahead, check out my essays and poetry and I really hope you like them.

Please follow, like, comment, and don’t forget to subscribe to my channel, the links to my words are given in the description daeown baellooow! (Abeerah, you are not a YouTuber, STOP IT!)

Biaji the Great!




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